Black Diamonds Dungeon 
  EVE- The Empress Vivienne Enchantress 

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 I am a Dominatrix and Humiliatrix who represents prestige, royalty, elegance, class, luxury, and dominance. I am The Beautiful Caramel Complexioned Empress Vivienne Enchantress. The Empress will take you, break you, & remake you until you are worthy of being My slave....   
The Empress is not only strikingly and exotically beautiful but sadistic and sensual, cruel and compassionate. The Empress is adept at delivering pain as pleasure and humiliation as character enhancement....

Intriguing and mysterious The Empress will capture your soul. Fall into the hypnotic powers of My seduction, My scent, My energy, My aura, My gaze, My voice....

The Title of Empress is the highest royalty.  It is your duty as My servant to maintain My lifestyle of luxury and opulence. you will honor Me frequently with Great Wealth and Expensive Gifts.  Do not waste My time with foolishness or petty curiosities.  Be serious or be warned!

Release all your control and give yourself to Me mind, body, heart, and soul.....

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