Black Diamonds Dungeon 
  EVE- The Empress Vivienne Enchantress 

The Empress' Rules

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Rules for Play: Follow rules carefully


1. NO sexual intercourse with The Empress as I am not a prostitute or escort
2. you will remain drug free before and during our sessions
3. There are no illegal activities permitted before or during sessions
4. The Empress will NOT engage in the following: blood sports, fisting, bestiality, fire play, and medical play
5. NO SAMMIES (Smart Ass Masochists), rudeness, raggediness, arguing, or unsafe behavior. If you engage in any of these behaviors you will be permanently dismissed and/or suffer other undesirable consequences
6. Never take The Empress for granted- always be extremely grateful for whatever attention or punishment you receive
7. DO NOT make eye contact with The Empress unless you are told to do so. your gaze will remain on the floor and your head slightly bowed unless directed otherwise


1. you will obey, please, serve, honor, worship, and amuse Me
2. you will be obedient, respectful, well-mannered, and demonstrate proper etiquette at all times in My presence
3. you will be on-time, clean, and well-groomed for all sessions
(clean fingernails, ears, fresh breath, neatly trimmed or shaved genitals, vagina, penis, balls, and anus must be well cleaned)
4. you will always address me as "Empress" and must ask for permission to speak
5. When you are writing to The Empress, any reference to Me is always capitalized and any references to yourself will always be lower case. For example: "Empress, i am unworthy unless i am in Your service"
6. you will take care of your body and mind in between our sessions- eat healthy, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, exercise, & meditate/pray ***A physically or emotionally sick slave is of no use to me***
7. be honest when interrogated. The Empress is similar to a Lie Detector and will know if you're being untruthful. you will be severely punished for lies and/or deception

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