Black Diamonds Dungeon 
  EVE- The Empress Vivienne Enchantress 

The Empress' Specialties

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Specialties of The Empress: Financial slavery/fetishists, Goddess worship, Golden Showers, Face-slapping, Spitting, Hair Pulling, Spanking, Humiliation/ Verbal Humiliation, Collar & Leash, Orgasm Denial, Feminization/Masculinization, Caging, Psychological Play, Distance Worship & Tribute.
Additional specialties: sensory deprivation, foot slave, blind folds, paddling, punching, nipple torture, CBT, cursing, smothering, panty sniffing/panty lickers, tickling, mummification, trampling, ignoring, light breath control



  • Financial Slavery/Fetishist: for the lowlife slave who is affluent and needs The Empress to control their finances. In other circumstances slaves dote on The Empress by giving Her very generous tributes as a way to show devotion. This type of slavery can also include financial blackmail, financial molestation, and wallet rape
  • Goddess Worship: you will physically worship Me with guided instructions
  • Golden Shower: An act by which The Empress urinates on you or in you
  • Face-slapping: The Empress uses Her hand/hands to slap your face or head
  • Spitting: The Empress spits at you, on you, or in you
  • Hair-pulling: The Empress pulls your hair, even if you only have a little left
  • Spanking: The Empress spanks you with Her hand, a paddle, or whatever is available
  • Humiliation/Verbal Humiliation: The Empress humiliates you through harsh or cruel words and/or actions that causes you shame and embarrassment. This can be public or private
  • Collar & Leash:  Signify ownership and dominance of The Empress over you. This may lead to a Collaring Ceremony in which you become My permanent slave
  • Orgasm Denial:  The Empress keeps you in a heightened state of sexual arousal with no orgasm or deprivation of genital stimulation (may involve use of a chastity device)
  • Feminization/ Masculinization: The Empress forces you to cross-dress and engage in feminine/masculine behaviors. Ultimately, you will be My live doll to dress and play with
  • Caging: The Empress will place you in a cage for confinement, punishment, solitude, and My enjoyment
  • Psychological Play: The Empress uses Her natural skills of mind control and manipulation to make you do and say things I want you to
  • Distance Worship & Tributes: In the case that you don't live in the area you may be allowed to worship Me from a distance. you must offer tributes first for My time and attention. I may or may not decide to give you either
  • *******Not all specialties are listed. If you want something specific that is not listed you may ask. Before you do that, read My rules very carefully first and DO NOT ask me to do things I specifically write that I DO NOT offer********
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