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  EVE- The Empress Vivienne Enchantress 

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The Empress collects many kinds of slaves for My stable: males, females, she-males, straight, gay, lesbian, bi, transgender, cross-dressers, etc


Types of slaves:
slave: total control is given over to the Dominant. Being a slave is 24/7
Financial slaves: these slaves desire, want, and need to be financially dominated
Companion slaves: well-groomed, well-trained, very physically attractive slave that will accompany The Empress into the community

Part-time slaves: Role switching slaves who use BDSM to spice up their sex life and will be slaves when it suits them
Online slaves: some are only slaves only when online and when offline they live a vanilla life. some only communicate with their Mistress/Master via computer.  some maintain their slave persona even when offline

submissive:  they aren't slaves and don't relinquish all control.  they follow orders until they decide they want to stop

***In any case you are married or have a significant other our interactions will remain discreet, unless you are a cuckolding husband or wife***

slave's Prayer: 
i want to be taken
i want to be enslaved
i want to be broken
i want to be made
Take my body, my mind, and my soul
Take from me all of my control
i am a toy, a tool, an obedient servant
my need to be owned is most deep and fervent
i am not a pet, not a lover, not even a whore
i am only a slave and i am nothing more

****must be memorized and recited to The Empress upon each session****

Poems written to The Empress

An Ode to Empress

i wait to find You, for You to adorn me, My beautiful Empress,
All that i see, but do not yet know,
as the void of a slave less-owned pierces my soul.

With no Master to embrace, alone i remain,

In this place of graceless time, passing as i wait,

But wait i will, for the sight of Your face,

the touch of Your grace, Your merciless embrace,

Brings the taste of sweet freedom to this humbled space.

As a man i live, with vanilla fears i call,

Going with the grain of culture, a tired tear i fall,
But the day i find You will by the day that i know,

The fear of black leather will be the one to shake them all.

On my knees i will wait, and dream of Your curves,
The feel of Your whips, Your chains, and Your nerves,

The taste of Your waste, Your toys, and Your harm,

Your pleasureful pain, Your poisonous charm,

As a gift of Your power, on my knees at this hour,

Begging for You as i undress,

i long to be bound to a wonderful Empress.

written by slave s


Woman You are so beautiful,

Empress, You are angelic to me

men need to feed on everything that comes out of You

In all Your ways we need to take notice of You

let us thrive and have sustenance from what goes through You

i will honor and worship only You

i am just a man

written by slave r


i'm a whore

who You can chain to the door

or force to the floor

on my knees i beg to be Your whore

dressed in panties and heels

i will kneel

like a little girl i want to feel

as i like Your heels

i'm the whore

for You to adore
just give me a chance

make me dance

stripped of pants

this is my only chance

begging for a chance
to lick under your pants

make me your whore

i will do more

face down on your floor

begging for more
written by slave slut d

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