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  EVE- The Empress Vivienne Enchantress 

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This video contains my Wish/Gift List.  Study it carefully and you will see things that please Me and learn how to get my attention and affection.  Start purchasing gift certificates and items on the lists NOW!


Read the information very carefully. If The Empress' style resonates deep within you then contact Me. If you have any reservations
about My rules or expectations or you're just curious then look elsewhere. I am only interested in slaves and subs who are serious about this craft and lifestyle.  Above all else DO NOT waste My time.  Embrace your inner slave and make your life worthwhile and useful by devoting yourself to Me.
Wait on your hands and knees...Make your tributes NOW!!!!

***Make appointments, follow Me on Twitter, like My facebook pages and make a friend request to Me*****

Contact Information:

Phone: 1-877-575-8821
Facebook: Eve Vivienne Enchantress
Facebook Business Page: Dominatrix- EVE of Black Diamonds
Twitter: EVE- @EMPRESSVE12
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